Dojo Details


Aikido Kenkyukai Pennsylvania is a dedicated dojo established in 1996 by Lia Suzuki Sensei, 6th Dan, upon her return from nearly 10 years of training in Japan. We remain under her leadership to this day.
The dojo is currently located in Huntingdon Valley, PA. For more details please call 267-317-8898 or email

Spring 2013 Seminar with Suzuki Sensei

Aikido Kenkyukai Pennsylvania strives to emulate the atmosphere, traditions, and spirit of our parent dojo in Japan. We maintain an active connection with the other AKI dojo around the world, and with Takeda Shihan’s dojo in Japan.


Lia Suzuki Sensei visits Aikido Kenkyukai Pennsylvania regularly to teach intensive training sessions, testings, and special events. Information about the AKI lineage can be found on the menu above.

Aikido Kenkyukai Pennsylvania’s instructor is Dejan Zivanovic.  Dejan joined in 2007 and immediately “fell in love” with Kenkyukai style. He received Nidan (2 Dan black belt) from Lia Suzuki Sensei in 2014. He remained under Steve Trinkle Sensei’s watchful eye and become a dojo-cho in 2012.

Dejan Shodan Presentation